Repairs & Jewelry Care

At KatMojo quality and craftsmanship is of our utmost concern. However, jewelry by its very nature is delicate. If you should experience the need for repair on any KatMojo jewelry item please email Please reference your Name, Address, Order Number, Repair Issue and a photo of the damaged piece.
KatMojo will repair at no charge any breakage caused by manufacturer defect within 120 days of receipt of purchase. Repairs needed after 120 days or deemed to be caused by misuse will incur a repair charge at the customer’s expense. Repairs will be assessed on an individual basis. KatMojo does not accept returns on any merchandise that has been worn.

KatMojo Jewelry Care Instructions
Gemstone Necklaces/Bracelets:

Each KatMojo gemstone jewelry is made from the highest quality materials. These materials are often cut from natural sources and the use of hairsprays, lotions, colognes or perfumes can alter the natural state of the materials used. For this reason our gemstone jewelry are highly sensitive to water and wearing them while sleeping, showering, exercising, or in a pool or sauna should be avoided.

Repetitive tugging and pulling can cause the string to weaken and break over time and should be avoided. To maintain the beauty of your beaded gemstone jewelry, we recommend cleaning the beads by using mineral oil that has been wiped off with a soft, white cloth.

Just like other fine chains, both our cable and ball chains can be delicate and should be treated with the utmost care. Do not pull or tug on them. Chains should be treated delicately in order to prevent damage.

14k Gold:
Please use caution when applying hairsprays, lotions, colognes and perfumes when wearing KatMojo jewels. Their application may cause the metal to tarnish. When cleaning fine jewelry it is always best to leave it to a professional as many home cleaning methods may cause damage.