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This gentle foaming jewelry cleaner, made from a special blend of bio-based surfactants, will efficiently breaks down the daily buildup of grime on your jewelry and allow it to be easy rinsed away. It's safe for most metals, diamonds and delicate gemstones including pearls, opals, and turquoise. Perfect for travel, 100% biodegradable and made in the USA.


The Click 'n Clean Pen is the ultra portable, ultra quick way to put the bling back in your ring.  The non-toxic formulation is safe for all your jewelry and is ready to go whenever, wherever you are.  The one-handed click action gives you control so you can dispense just the right amount of cleaning solution onto your jewelry.  The soft brush tip makes it easy to get into hard to reach areas of your jewelry and underneath stones.  


Item Details: 

Foaming Jewelry Cleaner - 2.5oz/75ml

Click 'n Clean Pen - 0.108oz/3.2ml - lasts up to 70 cleanings




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